Welcome to Gizmo's Gourmet

In Gizmo's kitchen we use all natural ingredients to create our pet treats and snacks. From apples and bananas to venison and pheasant-the ingredients we use are never touched by preservatives or flavor enhancers. You CAN treat your pet the way nature intended!
Each piece is lovingly created by hand. Because of this, no two peices are ever identical. Our product line currently contains twelve all-natural products but is expanding rapidly as we let our chefs' creativity shine through. Feel free to peruse the site and examine our product line.
You can order securely, directly through this site. Once your order exceeds $25, shipping is on us!! Please use the contact us form for any questions you may have and we will reply within 24 hours. Watch for our tables at your local craft fairs, flea markets and farmer's markets and don't be surprised if you see our product on your groomer's or boarder's counter. Gizmo's Gourmet is growing quickly and we hope to (soon) start showing up in your veterinarian's office.

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