About Our Products

How it all began...

Gizmo is an eight year old, male, pure bred ShihTzu. A happy, playful little guy that one day, at the tender age of three-out of nowhere-began chewing himself raw. He started chewing on the base of his tail, his hips and his paws and got so bad about it that we had to put a cone on him. Then his eyes began to suffer. The tear ducts stopped functioning. Tear production ceased and he almost went blind. After five vet visits, an eye flap surgery and extensive research into the causes, it was determined that he had food allergies.

In an effort to provide Gizmo with the quality of life all dogs deserve, we switched his food to one that contains no soy, wheat or corn products. We scoured treat labels trying to find treats and snacks that would not set off his allergies but could not find ANY.

It was then that we decided to create our own all-natural, holistic treats. It took awhile to get it right but once we did....WOW! He didn't just like them...he LOVED them! After three months of living in a cone, listless and sad, we finally saw a change in our puppy. Our fun-loving, playful Gizmo was back! 

What it takes to get Gizmo's approval...

First, you must be fresh and USDA approved for human consumption.
Next, you must be willing to undergo hand trimming (don't you wish it were that easy to trim down?)
And finally, you must be happy naked (because our chefs will do their best to leave you that way)

Proudly made in America.

At Gizmo's Gourmet we hand trim all of our products before we do anything else. All raw materials are USDA Grade A. We don't cut corners. We add nothing to our treats that nature didn't bring to the table. No salt. No sugar. No preservatives. Ever.
We don't add irritants such as Garlic, onion or MSG. All of our products are grain and gluten free-even our cookies!
Our products are vacuum packed within minutes of completion to ensure the ultimate freshness and eliminate the need for preservatives.
If your pet prefers chewier treats you can simply add the product to a cup of water for about an hour and it will rehydrate.
We make eleven different products at the moment. All of our products will live a full four weeks once opened, although our test panel (Gizmo, Taffy and Pepper) has never waited four weeks to devour an entire package.